Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Deadly Eyes

 Before you can continue on, press play on this song to set the mood. Also, brace yourself for an excessive amount of photos...these turned out too spectacularly terrifying for me to hold back!

Dress: Sugarlips   Necklace: DIY   Contacts: c/o Spooky Eyes
"I don't feel like I'm talking to Linda though," Kirsten grimaced at me. "It's like it's not even you."
I peered up at the camera lens, and tilted my head grotesquely.

My poor photographer managed fairly well despite being creeped out by me. Eventually, she adjusted to my dead eyes and half skull face, and we romped through the woods, snapping photos along the way. It felt only fitting to kick off my shoes and press my feet into the cold and dying earth. The crisp air cooled as the hours passed, making me shiver beneath the thin, silky layers of this dress. Eventually, after sprawling about in the leaf covered forest floor, we decided to call it a night and head back. I may or may not have stared intensely at cars we passed, hoping someone would look over.

It is the end of October, and you know what that means. The Halloween season is in full swing, just as it's about to end. Personally, I've never made a big fuss about Halloween. Perhaps it's the way I was raised. My parents never went overboard with decorations or parties. I would always be excited about dressing up though, and the free candy was party enough for me. However, in my teens, I stopped dressing up and settled on buying post-Halloween candy as my treat.

This year, Spooky Eyes have sent me several colored contacts that have inspired me to dress up. In fact, I attempted my first ever Halloween-themed makeup look! Going off of this photo, I applied layers of foundation, white eyeshadow, smears of black eyeliner, and much much more to achieve the desired look. I'm quite proud of how it turned out too, not gonna lie. 

What completed this look though, were the Manson Contacts from Spooky Eyes. They completely transform me into a creature of ethereal darkness and terror. 

I think I like how Corina described it best:
"You know how some huskies have the one eye that's really light blue and the other is brown? Sometimes I can't tell if they want to kill me or play with me based on that light eye."

You never know ;)
Hope everyone has a fun (but safe!) Halloween! What are your plans for the evening?
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Monday, October 27, 2014

Music Monday: Verite

I've been really into indie-pop tracks lately, and this latest one by Verite is quite catchy. She's a New York singer-songwriter, who's delicate voice is weaved throughout a sweeping hook.

Hope you enjoy, and that it perks up your Monday!

PS: I've been having some frustration, as the past week I've had my laptop in the shop getting fixed, and it's been irritating going into the school library to do blogging and what not. Hopefully this week I'll be getting it back and uploading the photos I've been taking in the mean time. Just wait - I've got a creeptastic filled shoot that's been sitting on my camera just waiting to be transferred. I can't wait to show you!

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Open Toes and Open Eyes

Sweater: UO   Pants, Wedges, & Bag: thrifted   Necklace: Black Crystals 
"These have to be 7 inches!" Kirsten exclaimed, as she teetered about in my new wedges.
I guffawed. "Seven inches!? Even my Litas aren't that tall!"
"Really?" she furrowed her brow doubtfully.

Just so you know, we broke out the ruler to resolve this, and these wooden platforms are approximately 4.5 inches. Albeit, when Kirsten was wearing them, it was easy to believe 7 inches might be possible. It's amazing what tall shoes can do for a girl with naturally long legs already!

These wedges are a gorgeous Steve Madden brand that I picked up while browsing the shoe racks at my favorite thrift store. Um, for only $6? I couldn't say no.

How often have I said that? Haha, people's eyes always widen and their mouths slightly gape when they finally get a peek inside my closet and spy the numerous bags, scarves, and accessories hanging on racks all over my living space. I'm a hoarder by nature, but I'm always thrifty about how I accumulate my items. It's a rare day if I ever spend over $20 for one single piece. Lately I've been a bit more generous on myself (hey, perks of having multiple jobs!), but I still like to keep my purchases to the single digit category if I can. I may be cheap, but I'd say I have good taste in my thriftiness. You'd be surprised what you can find if you sharpen your thrifting radar! 

I'm wearing my favorite sweater again, and I'm afraid I may be living in this one guys. It's the perfect knit! Even when it gets absolutely freezing, I'll probably keep this on rotation to wear underneath my heavier and warmer coats. Which, I'm excited to say, I've been stocking up and have a few new outerwear items I'll have to show you once the cold weather kicks up. 

Anyway, it's definitely fall here, as our trees are finally changing colors and leaves are drifting down, cluttering up the streets and sidewalks. My roommates and I went hunting for apples, and discovered a lovely little place that was selling bushels of apples and grapes fresh from their yard. We picked a bunch, and are now in the midst of searching Pinterest for all the apple recipes we can find. Any suggestions? 

On a side note, I've been playing around with the idea of starting Youtube videos and attempt vlogging. I'm really unfamiliar with that format though, and am nervous about filming. However, I think it could be a fun way to spice things up around here and get my creative juices flowing again. 

What do you think? Any particular topics or types of videos you'd like me to make? 
Comment below! 

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Music Monday: Walk the Moon

A little late in putting this up, but hey, it's never too late to listen to some good music!
So sit back, chill out, and bop your head along to Walk the Moon's catchy tune, Shut Up and Dance. It's been on repeat for me lately. Not to mention, they have some other really good tracks such as Jenny, Shiver Shiver, and Tightrope. Check them out!

Hope you had a fabulous Monday!
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