Thursday, March 26, 2015

REVIEW // Floral Sunnies ft. Polette

Sunglasses c/o Polette
Spring has sprung, and not just on the trees - on my new sunglasses too!
Are these floral sunnies not adorable or what? What makes them even better is that they have my prescription as well! Because I'm someone who's often too lazy to put in contacts, it's a hassle to drive on sunny days. Every morning I'll turn onto the street that takes me to school and the sun absolutely blasts me. I'll be shielding my eyes, ducking behind the thin shade of my visor, and squinting past the vibrant rays. Thanks to these cute sunnies from Polette, that will no longer be such a problem! They're cute and practical. Seriously, there's no better combination in the fashion world.

These blossoms are blooming everywhere, and when I walked past this part of campus with the art structure and trees framing it, I knew I had to get photos there. Luckily, my friend was visiting me around this time and we snapped some pictures during the weekend. I was originally planning on wearing high waisted shorts, but the weather turned foul and I swapped them out for high waisted jeans instead. I basically live in these jeans anyway - when you've got a penchant for crop tops but don't care to bare too much of your tummy, there's no other pairing for it.
These studded sandals are a recent purchase from Just Fab and are the black version of the same shoe I bought last summer (worn here). You know it's a good shoe when you buy the other colors it comes in!

I'm currently on my spring break, although it's rapidly coming to an end, which I am NOT mentally prepared for. Gearing up for the rest of this semester and trying to stay motivated is a serious challenge. Hopefully I'll be able to keep things balanced between work, school, and some blogging, but my energy is wearing out and there are some looming decisions that need to be made.

However, I definitely need to learn how to focus more on the present and not stress so much on the future. It's a trait I'm trying to nurture, but it's tough when you're a natural worrywart.

And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?
Matthew 6:27

Monday, March 23, 2015

MUSIC MONDAY // The Academic

Grab your microphone hairbrush, because this debut single from The Academic will have you bopping all over your room in no time. 

Founded in 2013, this band of young teens from Ireland have a fun, indie rock/pop sound that's infectious. So far, Different is the only track I can easily find, though if you can find a good audio recording of their other song, Bear Claws, let me know!

Hope this perks up your Monday! Cheers to another week!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

OOTD // In the Foothills

Dress & Bag: H&M   Plaid & Boots: thrifted   Hat: JcPenney
It was a balmy 70 degrees, I'd shaved my legs the night before, and I had no work or class for four hours. So I decided to slip on a dress, take my camera, and go searching for some sunshine and nature. I found it closer than I thought I'd have to go, in the foothills near Boise, right outside the downtown area. Hiking down a ways, I found a nice, hidden side of the hill where I set up my tripod and captured some outfit photos from a different angle than I'm used to. I think they turned out well considering the harsh sunlight, new location, and uphill vantage point. What can I say? I felt like experimenting.

This past weekend, my friend Corina came to visit me! We had a great series of days together, despite having to maneuver around my work and school schedule...
We got to see our favorite comedian (Christopher Titus) live on Friday, and it was fantastic. We had VIP seats and it's a good thing we didn't roll right off the balcony - from how hard we were laughing, it wouldn't have been out of the realms of possibility. By the end, my stomach felt like it had just gone through a severe ab workout. We waited in line afterwards and even got a photo with him and chat a bit. Check it out!

For the rest of the time she was here, Corina showed me some cute places around the city that I'm eager to return to. She grew up in the area and we took a mini trip down her memory lane and visited old favorites. There's a really adorable retro candy shop in the downtown area that I'd love to visit again. Afterwards, we walked around a lot, before she directed us to "the fish park!" that she'd loved as a child. It was quite lovely, and I'm impressed by the wildlife that's preserved in the area. We took a few outfit photos while we were there too, so I'll be sharing those soon.

Anyway, not much else to share as I am currently about to pull all my hair out - that, or it's just going to fall out on it's own due to stress. These art projects are demanding and time consuming, and I'll undoubtedly be spending most of my spring break locked in the Printmaking lab.

Hopefully I'll be able to go outside and enjoy a little sunshine between lab hours though. We'll see! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

CONCERT REVIEW // Fit for Rivals

(all photos taken with iPhone)
 I listened to precisely two songs on the way to this concert to discover Fit for Rivals and decide that I liked them. After watching them live, I've decided I love them. 

My friend, Lil Rocker Ruth, came to Boise to visit and check out a rock concert going down at the Knitting Factory. While I agreed to meet with her and hang out, I hadn't planned on going to the show with her. However, as the night rolled on, I decided the hell with it and bought my $2 ticket and entered the now-familiar venue with my friend. 
It was a relatively small crowd compared to what I'm used to, and fairly chill. Until the heavy rock bands came which point, a mosh pit formed in the middle. I have to say, the smile on their faces as they shoved and rushed each other made the rough housing appear lighthearted, but towards the end of the third set, security was dragging out a limp body. Um...yeah. Pretty sure they were heavily intoxicated, but still. Ruth and I stayed on the periphery and ended up having the best view of the stage and the crowd. I can already tell you we had some interesting people-watching going on!

In the bottom right corner of the collage above, you can see the crowdsurfer who almost got to the stage. Haha, security stopped him at the very front of course, but it was still cool to see how far he got! 
Finally, the headlining act of the show took the stage, and Fit for Rivals finished off the night spectacularly. They're a decidedly more rock sounding group than, say, Against the Current. Renee has such a strong, raspy voice that fills a room and gets a crowd pumped. Also, to my delight, I discovered that their lead guitarist, Rufino, is Filipino. So, Pinoy pride, you know.
Take a listen at the end of the post to their new single, Freak Machine!
After the show, Ruth and I went to the merch table, and I snagged a poster along with all their signatures. I can't stop giggling at the cartoonish bear with a chainsaw design...aha everyone else was grabbing the stereotypical band poster featuring all the members, but I figured I could find that anywhere. Who else has a poster featuring a maniac green bear swinging chainsaws in each hand?

Have a rocking Monday everyone!
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